How does the class work?

Whether you are preparing to return to work, pumping due to special situations, or want to express your breastmilk for an occasional bottle, this class will help you get started. We'll cover everything you’d want to know about expressing, storing and feeding pumped milk, how to increase your milk production, plus milk storage and logistics for returning to work.

Did you know?

For over a decade, Isis Parenting has supported mothers to reach their breastfeeding and/or pumping goals, promoting and protecting breastfeeding through evidence-based education and services. Our Centers, website, in-store signage and email messages adhere to WHO Code standards. We provide non-judgmental guidance and support to help all families make informed decisions around infant feeding.

We are proud members of the Best for Babes CARE-WHO Alliance, an organization helping to promote and protect healthy infant feeding. We’ve also been honored for several consecutive years by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for efforts as a community resource for breastfeeding, as a breastfeeding-friendly establishment, and as a breastfeeding-supportive workplace for employees.

What people are saying

"This class was amazing! I had been pumping around the clock for my preemie for 6 weeks before I took it and it literally changed my life! All of the tips, tricks and advice made my life so much easier and made the pumping much more manageable.  Would absolutely recommend for anyone who is going to pump."
"I took this class before returning to work and couldn't believe all of the great information I learned about pumping. I felt so much more confident about using my pump after leaving the class.It was such a great experience and I highly recommend it to all breastfeeding moms, especially if you are returning to work."
Marisa P
"This course is a MUST for new moms! My pumping is going so much better since taking the course. I learned so much - THANK YOU! The course is useful for all stages of breastfeeding and pumping. I had already been breastfeeding and pumping for 2 months, and still got so much out of the course."